Feats of Strength

As the fall sports season ends, we seem to be getting more new members to our team.  We welcome them, and are busy getting everyone up to speed with our design challenge and our prototypes.brainstorming

We have many different parts of our design ideas worked out.  We are now figuring out how to connect the pieces together.  Sometimes taking a break and drawing the ideas on the whiteboard helps us stay focused while brainstorming.


Our launcher now has been riveted together….and we are working hard to get a re-loader mechanism working properly


It’s getting close!


cheese hole

We’ve drilled some bear paw cheese holes too….just for practice!

We’re really excited to get a group together to start on our Chairman’s Report for this year.  It’s great to have our document from last year to work from.  We’d love to have the majority of the report finalized before build season starts.


Chairman's Report

As usual, it’s not ALL work at our meetings.  We took a bit of a break to test our strength.

feats of strength

It's not as easy as it looks!

feats of strength

That's why he got the "Good Sized Muscles" Bagel Award!

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