K-Botics Parent Information Night

Our regular meeting ended today with a furious clean up.  It’s important to clean up before parents come to visit.  We needed enough space for everyone to sit, and also to demonstrate our two robots from Breakaway last year, and from Lunacy in 2009.

parent meetingWe explained about FIRST, and about our yearly schedule of events.  We talked about how busy and exciting build season is for FIRST robotics.  We tried our best to explain what goes on at competitions, and we encouraged families to come with us to share in the experience.


We also explained that we keep meeting in the spring and in the summer for team building activities.  It is good practice for us to talk about our team and events because we are planning similar presentations for our sponsors and mentor organizations in the next few weeks.

demoDoes your team hold parent meetings?

K-Botics Guide To Parent Meetings

  • Pick a time at the end of  a regular meeting, as parents will probably be already coming to pick up their child.
  • Notify parents of the meeting time and place (we handed out a letter a week ago)
  • Put signs up in the school directing people to your meeting room.  We had an easel in the hallway with a welcome sign to point to the correct room.
  • Clean up the room so there is enough space to sit, and have a demo.  Arrange chairs before parents arrive.
  • Decide on what message you want to give.  Our meeting purpose was to introduce new parents to FIRST, and to facilitate discussion between returning parents and new parents.  We wanted our team to explain what we do, and show parents what we have been learning.  We wanted parents to get energized and enthusiastic to assist our team over the upcoming months, particularly over build season.
  • Practice the presentation a few times to decide who will say what, and who will demonstrate which robots.
  • Preparing a powerpoint presentation will make sure that all information gets distributed.  It’s a great opportunity to show pictures and quotes from team members.
  • We had our quarterly newsletter to give out, so parents leave with all essential information, and ways to get more.
  • Be welcoming: introduce yourself at the beginning.  Welcome input and questions.  Welcome volunteers and visitors.
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