Why We Wear Purple

We got a package in the mail today.  These are the samples for our team shirts this year.

purple shirts

Josh and Remi look great in purple

Do you know why purple, blue and white are our colours?

Purple is the colour that represents engineering.  Here’s one story that explains this tradition:
“While all the passengers of the Titanic were under panic and trying to save their own lives, the engineering crew were working non-stop to keep the furnace running at maximum. The smoke coming out of the enormous furnace could be seen miles away and gave the exact position of the sinking vessel to any ship on their way to rescue. The entire engineering crew of the Titanic went down with the ship.

The colour of the engineers’ overalls on the Titanic was purple. In honour of the engineers who died on board, purple was made the official colour of the engineering profession. Like the iron ring in Canada, purple is a reminder to all engineers of the history and responsibility of their profession.” Engineering Society of Queen’s University

We want to acknowledge our connection to our engineering mentors, and to Queen’s University for their support and sponsorship.

Blue and White are the colours of KCVI.  We proudly wear blue and white to represent our school wherever we go.  Our mascot is the KCVI Blue Bear.  That’s why our logo looks like a bear paw made of gears.

Beta-TestingWe also received a package for our beta-testers.  It’s so exciting to be able to start our testing with our new hardware.

beta testingOur team of keen programmers are learning lots every day!  We have many new members who are excited to see the guts of last year’s robot, and learn how the programming makes it move and operate.

robotOur builders were hard at work refining our prototypes as well.


Our communications team had a lot of fun drafting a paragraph for the school newsletter.  It’s hard to choose the right words to describe all of our activities.


Another really great part of today’s meeting was our dance lesson.  There are some great dancers on our team this year!  We look forward to being a very spirited group in the stands in New York City, and at GTR.

dance lesson

Do you know the Cupid Shuffle?

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