Robot At Parent Teacher Night

We have started a tradition of bringing our robot to school functions.  It’s a fun opportunity to share what we do with the larger school community.

parent teacher night

We enjoy showing parents and students what K-Botics is all about.  We often draw quite a crowd!

parent teacher night

Many people line up to drive the robot around the hallways.  Often these new drivers will join the team.

“I remember that I drove the robot for the first time at 4AM during Relay For Life” -Taylor B, grade 10


pit crew 2011?

Lessons are learned on the fly….how to change batteries….how to trouble shoot a loose connection wire.

new driver

new driver

“I became a K-Bot when I saw the robot come to my school when I was in Grade 7.  I knew that I would join the team when I got to high school.” -Taylor C, grade 9

We never know what kind of impact we make on any given day.  We keep working hard, and sharing what we do with the people around us.  We hope to inspire others to come join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school to see what K-Botics is all about.

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