Multi-Tasking Tuesday

Today we worked on many different things.  Some of us were beta-testing programming, and others prototyped, and a few of us added the finishing touches to our bulletin board.  We use our bulletin board for communication amongst team members, and for raising awareness in the school. bulletin boardWe have put up our calendar, media coverage, some photos, folders with forms and newsletters, and now our very first edition of the K-Botics Quarterly.  Check it out for yourself!  We’re going to mail newsletters to our sponsors in the fall, winter, and spring.  We want everyone to be very informed this season!

Something special that we do, is to send thank you cards to our sponsors, friends and helpers to acknowledge contributions to our team.  We have a new design every year, created by the more artistic team members.  This year our thank you card robot is wearing a cool hat.

robot Maybe this was inspired by some of our knitted hats?JoshJosh has been wearing his new hat all day! little helperWe were glad to have a visiting member of the W.A.F.F.L.E.S. help us with our prototyping.  That new wheel that we used today made a big difference in our launching capabilities. launchWe also devised a plan for loading up our launcher with close to 20 balls.  We know that we are limited to three at a time for our competition, but it was fun to watch them all get launched at once.

“I can almost taste the rainbow” -Mike (mentor)

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