Surgical Tubing Is Fun

Prototypes are developing well.  With the help of some wheels, surgical tubing and some pipe we had those little plastic balls bouncing all over the room!


ball launch #1


ball launch #2

Some of us got really good at aiming with the surgical tubing slingshot.


fun with surgical tubing!

A main priority for our team this fall is fundraising for the season.  A group of us have prepared a presentation to accompany a robot demo for our various sponsor organizations.


We practiced our presentation a few times today and got great feedback from some of our teachers and mentors.  It is fun to practice our robot driving skills before we give a demo.  Today we scored some lunacy balls in our recycling bins!  Impressive skills from some new drivers.

driving demo

Winner of the biggest smile award for today goes to out littlest member!

big smile award

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