Wanna Play Catch?

wanna play catch?

Today marked a successful launch from a prototype catapult-of-sorts.

launchWe’re still not sure if this is going to be how we will shoot those little plastic balls into the fishing nets….but at least we have somewhere to start!  We also now have fishing nets!  Some of us have experienced a little game of “catch”….

caught caught caught

We have experimented with where to aim on these nets to assure us of a goal.  Sometimes the ball jumps out of the net.


Today we had several newcomers join our group to see what’s going on.  It’s fun to teach them what we know.  Here we were dismantling part of an old robot to scrounge working motors.  In the process we could show what a master link is, and how chain can be removed.  New members also learned how to use a drill safely.  Safety is so important!  We’re taking it very seriously.proofreadingToday our grant proposal got proof-read.  It is sometimes hard to explain things in detail within a limited number of characters.  With each new read through it will get more and more polished.

marketingA small group of us met our new friend Spencer who is going to help us with marketing our team and fundraising for the FRC season.  Thanks for your great ideas!

On a very crafty note….we were so excited to use a Cricut automated paper cutter to cut out pictures of robots!


It is so cool to see and hear the machine in action.

cutting peeling

The robots it cuts out are very cute too…we’re going to have fun with this!


A sure sign of fall, we have some knitted hats in progress.

hatCheck out our pattern and make your own!  Our team tradition involves making hats for other members of the team, and someone will make one for you too.  Hats get made for those who do not ask.  Hats get made for those who are longstanding and dedicated members of the team.  Some hats are crazy!  Each hat is unique.

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