Story Time

We gathered today to continue work on several projects.  Slow progress is being made on prototyping for our skills challenge.  We will have more materials arrive later this week to experiment with.wheels on frameWheels have been added to our frame.  Soon we’ll test different ways to propel our robot, and how to launch the little plastic balls.  It appears that the initial idea of having two rival teams has dissolved and blended into many sub groups prototyping different parts of the robot.  That’s fine with us!  We enjoy working all together.

writingMany of us spent time writing team essays and finishing up grant proposals and looking at programming.

puppy removalOur classroom headquarters is a computer lab by day, but for some reason was decorated with pink floral wall paper and pages from a puppy calendar.

puppies removed

We are glad to say that the puppies have now been removed.  They will soon be replaced with robots!

bulletin boardAs you can see, storage is an issue that we will have to tackle soon!  Along with classroom materials and supplies, we now are storing two working robots and a few more that we scavenge from, game pieces, tools, pool noodles, scrap metal and wood.  How does your team store all of your materials?

bulletin boardOur finished bulletin board shows off our team colours, logos, sponsors and also serves as storage for our banner and stencil.  There is room for photos of our past robots, and for our team.  It will be fun to add to this blank canvas, and show off what makes us special.

story timeSpeaking of what makes us special….Today we had storytime for the last half hour of our meeting.  We had to move into the hallway because we can’t eat in our headquarters due to food allergy concerns.  We munched on cookies and had time to listen to returning members share stories of their past season(s) on our team. Bus raves (video), Bagel awards, Squid balaclavas, Spreadsheets to calculate goodness were all explained to the best of our ability.  We realize that there are so many inside jokes that develop over the season, and we wanted to let our new members in on the stories and get them excited for what’s to come later this year.

“The competitions are more interesting than 95% of the sporting events you will ever go to!” –Dylan, grade 10

cookiesThanks to Ms. Dopking who brought the cookies!  They were delicious.Queen's demo

At the end of the meeting we prepared our robot from last year for a demonstration at Queen’s University tomorrow.

robotics is fun!

Come join us on Thursday!  We’re having a great time.

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