Divide and Conquer

Sometimes it’s best to tackle a to-do list by splitting things up into little jobs.  This is a particularly great idea when there are lots of people around to work on things.writing our proposal

Some of us started working on an application for government funding for student based initiatives.  It’s a challenge to keep our ideas limited to 1000 characters!  We also got a good start on the team essays for FIRST that were made available at noon today.

building our frame

Our builders were hard at work constructing frames and other (top secret) things for our prototypes.  working together

We even learned how to bend metal to form part of our shooter mechanism.

we bent metal

Amidst all of this work, we found time to enter T-Shirt sizes…. (If you haven’t yet, you can do that here)  Deadline is the 25th of October.

order your t-shirtsWe shopped online for needed parts…

online shopping

…and we had discussions about beta-testing and programming.  Tomorrow is a big day for beta-test teams!

mentors looking at programming

It was Wesley’s birthday, so we sang to him….

happy birthday Wesley

…and then, after all of the excitement, some of us needed to have a bit of a nap!

taking it easy

It was a busy day, but many hands do make light work.  Good job team!

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