Terry Fox Run


Look at all the umbrellas!  What a perfect day to go for a walk…..

terry fox

These brave K-Botics members laced up their walking shoes, and put on their rain gear (or got really wet), while participating in the K.C.V.I Terry Fox run.  Working together to do good is one way to build bonds as a team.terry fox

Toonies for Terry were collected from everyone who participated.  terry fox

Rain does nothing to dampen our spirits, but after 5km we were pretty soaked!Dilyar

Some K-Bots were helping to patrol the roads to make sure people stayed on the sidewalks


We’re starting to notice that K-Bots are EVERYWHERE!!!  We’re always looking for new ways to help out in our community. Any ideas?

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One Response to Terry Fox Run

  1. Dilyar says:

    It was an amazing time! the rain didn’t stop us from not supporting our cancer research!

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