Dear Petey….

….this is what you missed today:

meetingWe had a meeting to decide what regionals we’d like to sign up for. We’re signed up for the New York City Regional (March 11, 12, 13) and we will also attend the Greater Toronto Regional (March 31, April 1, April 2).

dismantleWe’ve started taking apart an old robot frame so we can use the motors and gears as part of our prototypes.

toolmanWe’re using the frame from an old FIRST kit-bot to make another prototype.

springsWe’ve added lots more things to our list of materials….springs might be useful….we’re not sure if we need squishy ones or not.


It’s exciting to be meeting so many new friends.  Look at how many people are on our list!  We keep track of many things with lists on the wall.  It’s nice to see the list getting longer.


One bad thing happened today…..we may have broken the internet.  For some reason we couldn’t search for anything online at all.  We were hoping to search out new possible sponsors, and find their contact information.


broken internet

we broke the internet


Every day we meet, we’re getting to know each other, we’re learning about teamwork, and gaining new technical skills.  With lots of us working together, we can do great things.



gold stars for team work


We hope to see you soon Petey!



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