Building a Respectful Team

When we work as a team, communication is something that is very important.  As a team we brainstormed about what speaking respectfully looks like, sounds like, and feels like.  We repeated the activity for listening respectfully as well.  We are working on having a very respectful team culture.  This is the poster that is now on our wall after our brainstorming session.communication

Today our groups got together to start making prototypes for different shooter mechanisms.  We consulted earlier drawings and discussed our plan with each other.


We decided to go with our original idea, which was a tube with two wheels on either side going in opposite directions to propel the ball.


thumbs up

thumbs up for team work!


So far, we have started working on seeing if the ball will fire from the prototype.



we love robotics!


We decided on a list of materials we would need, and from that, we were able to start visualizing what the robot would look like.  We are starting to get our hands dirty….filing down axles for our first two wheels which will hopefully be part of a successful shooter prototype.



super creative ideas!


It is nice to be meeting so many great new people, and we are sure that this season will be a lot of fun!


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