Lets Play Robots!

Brainstorming is turning into sketching and prototypingbrainstormingwe’re proud of what we are able to accomplish.


We are looking for the right materials and tools to build our prototypes.


To help us with our brainstorming process we decided to simulate a round or two of the game, so some of us drew a field outside with chalk.  We payed careful attention to the measurements… field

…and placed cardboard boxes in the middle, at the height the fishing nets would be. We taped papers on the backs of the “robots” simulating their nets.


To move at “robot speed”, everyone walks heel to toe, and “throws” and “picks up” the ball in the same way each time mimicking ideas that we are prototyping.


At the end of our “play time” we gathered together to discuss what we learned.


We have a history of “playing robots” before we begin our build season.  It lets us get an idea of how big the playing area is, and what the layout of goals and obstacles are.  Timing and strategy are explored, and often new ideas are suggested, and prototypes are refined.


smile smile

Being robots is lots of fun!!!

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One Response to Lets Play Robots!

  1. Jialu says:

    K-BOTICS!!! =D

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