The Brainstorming Continues…

We gathered after school to resume our (TOP SECRET) brainstorming sessions. Team One and Team Stobor are both well on their way to creating different designs to prototype in the next weeks.  We are having fun with our pre-season challenge.  There are so many different creative solutions out there.  It’s pretty much certain that both of our teams will do something very different.

reading rules

Rules have been read and re-read.  Drawings have been made, and lists of desired materials have been drafted.


Old robots are being scavenged recycled….revealing some very interesting treasures that have been locked away inside the robot for several years.

socketWe found this piece inside a long metal tube that formed part of a robotic arm from the 2006/2007 season.  Wonder if team 610 missed it?


team 610This is a sure sign that build season is coming….our mentors are starting to get their hands dirty!

dirty hands

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