Shoreline Cleanup

lake ontarioWhat a great day to gather by the water and do our part in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.  Twelve of us (k-bots, W.A.F.F.L.E.S. and mentors) met to clean up Lakeshore Park.

gloves on!

Part of the Shoreline Cleanup involves keeping a tally of the trash we found.  Eventually all of the national statistics will be compiled and released to the public.


Our little group cleaned up about 300 meters of rocky shoreline….rocky shore

…among the trees and shrubs by the water….


squid monster

Look....a squid monster in his natural habitat!


When we started, it looked like the shoreline was already clean.  However, upon closer inspection, there was lots of garbage lurking amongst the boulders.



hey look! there's a carpet


Want to know what we found?  It’s actually a rather impressive (and kinda sad) list.  We’re glad that all of this is no longer on the shore.

  • 22 plastic bottles
  • 14 cans
  • 12 food wrappers
  • 9 plastic bags
  • 9 cups/cutlery
  • 8 bits of paper
  • 7 pieces of packing material
  • 3 glass bottles
  • 3 tennis balls
  • 2 areas of broken glass
  • 2 pieces of metal
  • 1 cigarette
  • 1 bottle cap
  • 1 paper bag
  • 1 sock
  • 1 carpet
  • 1 back of a TV
  • 1 piece of window screen
  • 1 garden hose (well, half of it is still under a boulder)
  • 1 net
  • 1 wire
  • 1 hairband
  • 1 beach toy
  • 1 rope
  • 1 pen
  • 1 juice box
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 1 rusted piece from a Nissan car
  • 1 pair of destroyed sunglasses
  • 1 part of a shoe
  • 1 part of a composter


It feels great to do something for our city, and for our environment.  We had lots of fun, and made memories as a team.

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