Brainstorming Skills

It was brainstorming all around today!

We were pleased to welcome Module Vanier’s two FLL teams!  They are enthusiastic and excited about their upcoming challenge.  We enjoy the opportunity to mentor them through their season.


We introduced them to the FIRST website, and to the challenge for this season.  We are excited to see they will accomplish this fall.


While some were mentoring FLL, the rest of us started looking at our pre-season robotics activities.  We plan to complete our robot before we break for holidays in December.

skills challenge

We have divided up into two teams.  We’ll host a friendly competition between our two robots in December.  Each team got a set of rules, and were sent off to brainstorm ways to accomplish the required tasks.


When brainstorming it is very important to…

  • read through all of the event criteria, restrictions, and be sure you can visualize what the game set up will look like.
  • bring big paper and markers, and write down EVERY idea, even the “silly” ones.  It might be these ideas that spark a creative solution or innovative design.  One of our groups brainstormed on a chalkboard, and took pictures of the results.
  • keep on task, but don’t stifle creativity.


  • decide what your robot MUST do, and other things you’d like it to do.  (e.g. movement, shooting balls, collecting balls, maneuvering etc.)  Prioritize this list.
  • think of ways to accomplish those tasks
  • divide up into groups to design prototypes for each of the ways


With all of the productive brainstorming going on…the mentors were free to do what mentors do best.  Discuss the finer points of electrical box configurations…


…and the best way to teach programming to our new students.


Thank you to everyone for being so enthusiastic and involved today.  Thanks to our mentors.  Thanks to Vanier for coming to visit us–we hope to see you again.

Look forward to our prototyping sessions where you might see things like duct tape, zip ties, surgical tubing, PVC pipe, plywood and more.

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