Laser Tag

On the weekend about 20 of us gathered to play laser tag.  There were W.A.F.F.L.E.S (FLL) and Mini W.A.F.F.L.E.S (Jr. FLL) and VEX and K-Botics (FRC) and mentors of all sorts.

WAFFLES, VEX, K-Botics and mentors

This was our first social meeting of the summer, and it was fun to let loose and have a little fun all together. We divided up into two teams (red vs. blue) and put on the laser tag suits–slip on vests with a chest plate, two shoulder pads and a back plate that act as targets worth different amounts of points.

There are target points on the ceiling to aim for as well, but doing so can leave you vulnerable to attack.  We all learned to work together and watch our back because that back target is very vulnerable.

We found that the younger members were at a definite advantage, because everyone, particularly mentors felt bad for shooting at them.  These little ones were VERY determined to get team points, so they often circled the mentors.

“The mentors were walking around in a clump squeeling like little girls, and Remi freaked out whenever he got shot”  -Henry (Grade 12)

Henry did really well, scoring 22.8 thousand which was the second highest of the month! Way to go Henry.

Playing laser tag was such fun, it made us rely on our team mates, and work together.  It could become a yearly tradition for FIRST teams in Kingston.

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  1. Airwave Media says:

    Thank You Henry for the Shout Out haha

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