WAFFLES and K-Botics On The Road Again!

Today we set off after school in the pouring rain to visit one of our local elementary schools to show and tell what we’ve been up to this season.

Our plans of an outdoor demonstration had to be cancelled, but the grades 5-8 students graciously allowed us space in their classroom to set up the LEGO field table, and to drive our robot around.

We explained about FIRST, and talked about what we do during build season, and other parts of the year.  We shared about the design process, something that the students experienced when they built popsicle stick bridges.  We shared about the fun of competition, and the team bonding that occurs through the year.  It was clear by the excellent questions that our audience was very interested in what we are doing.  They are so keen that it might be possible to start several new FLL teams for the fall.

Our friends the W.A.F.F.L.E.S. talked about their season, demonstrated some of their robot features, and talked about some of the challenges that they faced while building their LEGO robot.  We were able to draw connections between their robot and ours–the central computer, the sensors, gears, motors, wheels and design creativity.  We are always impressed at the presentation skills of our young friends.  Good job!!

At the end of the presentation we drove our robot around, demonstrating the kicking skills, and surprising our audience!  We then gave them the chance to get a closer look–we opened up our robot and showed some of the inner workings to the enthusiastic students.

Hopefully these students have been inspired to think of science, technology and engineering in a new way.  Hopefully they have been inspired to try something new, and maybe start a team of their own next year.  We ended the day by inviting all of the graduating grade 8 students to come join us in the fall, and experience FIRST for themselves.

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One Response to WAFFLES and K-Botics On The Road Again!

  1. Mentor Mike says:

    Looking good guys! Lots of eager eyes.

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