Ready To Go!

Just in time for tomorrow, we have both our robots working extremely well.  Some of the recent changes may have even improved on our competition performance.  After a good test run, we packed up our gear to get ready for tomorrow’s demo.

Tomorrow afternoon will be fun!  Drop by the Kingston Yacht Club from 12:00-4:00 to say hello.

K-Botics Guide to Robot Demos:

  • Arrange everything you need to bring well in advance
  • Be sure batteries are fully charged.


Robot and Game Pieces (balls etc) Carpet to drive on
Batteries and charger Controllers and computer
Tool kit for minor repairs Safety Glasses
Sponsor boards Extension cords
Pamphlets about team and about FIRST Projector, screen, and laptop for video clips
Media binder (photos and clippings) Copy of Rookie All Star/Chairman’s Report
Notepad, pens, tape thank you card for your host


  • Set up quickly, give everyone a job.
  • Be friendly and enthusiastic.  Send your group out into the crowd to mingle.
  • Keep your area safe.  Do not drive the robot into the crowd.  Do not shoot game pieces at people
  • Do allow others to come and drive the robot (under your supervision)
  • Keep notes of who you meet, and get business cards and contact information of interested industry and community partners.
  • Clean up all of your gear promptly (give everyone a job)
  • At the end of your demo thank your host
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