Sailbot??? Roboat???

Have you ever wanted to see a sailbot?  If you are in Kingston, mark June 7th-10th on your calendar.  The World Robotic Sailing Championship and International Robotics Sailing Conference is being hosted by Queen’s University, at the Kingston Yacht Club.  This is the first time that this regatta has taken place in North America.  Nine teams from Canada, the United States, Germany, Austria and Wales have registered to face-off against each other to prove that they are the best in the world.

These robotic sailboats will navigate and sail the waters of Lake Ontario autonomously.  Boats are programmed for GPS and wind speed among other factors.  They will compete in matches, and long distance races as well as in collision avoidance and navigational challenges.

2009 sailbot competition

2009 image source:

K-Botics are very excited about this exciting opportunity to watch the races and cheer for Team Canada!  We are keen to learn about another interesting application of robotics, and we are thrilled to demonstrate our two robots at the Kingston Yacht Club on June 10th.

Please make time in your day to walk by the water and see these roboats for yourself.

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