Why Do We Relay?

We relay to support our friends and families who are fighting cancer. We relay to raise awareness of a disease that affects most everyone at some point in their life. We relay to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. We relay for LIFE!

We signed up a team this year for our school’s Relay For Life. We collected pledges, and committed to staying up all night at the school playing games, and participating in other fun activities.

At 7:00 PM we gathered at our “campsite” in the basement, to decorate our banner, and organize sleeping bags and blankets to sit on.

There were opening ceremonies in one gym, where we heard from cancer survivors and then cheered them on as they did a lap of our track. The track, lined with luminaries, was left lit all night and reserved as a quiet spot to sit and reflect.

The other gym held all sorts of activities throughout the evening. We did square dancing, and badminton, and an incredible obstacle course challenge.

There was a coffee house in the courtyard where we listened to some amazing student-musicians perform.

K-Botics did a lively demonstration of our two robots, and we invited other students to come and learn to drive.

We want to thank the Relay For Life committee for allowing us time to share the message of FIRST with our peers, and to explain what fun we have at robotics club meetings and competitions.  It’s nice to get the chance to show off the product of our many hours of work during build season.

Around 4:00AM we performed and taught the Cupid Shuffle. We even taught our robot to shuffle along with us. It was a great feeling to have the rest of the crowd rush up to dance with us.

At 5AM we had a newspaper fashion show, where lack of sleep and poor communication led to Alex wearing a lovely gathered bodice, and robin hood boots and armor.

It wasn’t what he thought he’d be wearing, but Alex was the first to admit that the garment was the most structurally sound of all of them on display.

nap time

Breakfast was served at 6:30AM and closing ceremonies were held after that. It was then that we were told that we raised well over $17 000. A job well done!

Bleary-eyed, we all headed home for a good nap. I’m sure we’ll do this again next year!

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