Food Blitz Volunteers

Joining forces with many other community groups, we took to the streets today going door to door collecting donations for the food bank.

We all suited up, wearing our purple gear and crazy hats…

and collected five carloads of food. 

“Three of us collected two van loads so we won!!” -Brennan (Grade 9)

(The rest of us didn’t even know it was a competition!)

It was team work in action, with students, mentors and their family participating–some drove…some knocked on doors 

some carried groceries.

Tim even got in a good weights workout

Smiles were seen everywhere–it gives us a good feeling to do something nice for other people, and we were having fun while we were at it.

After dropping off our food we reconvened for a pizza party.  This is our second year participating in the food blitz, and I’m sure we’ll be at it again next year!

Thanks to everyone for coming out.  Many hands make light work.  Thanks also to our organizer and pizza host, we had a great time!

Welcome to our two new members!!!

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