Inventory Day

How many people does it take to measure our left over metal??

Probably not six, but the more the merrier!  We headed off to Transformix today to take stock of what’s left after build season.  We might have enough left over for some summer activities, and for some robot building next year.  Thanks so much to Transformix for allowing us to store our pieces at their facility.

Wash your hands before ice cream!

After everything was jotted down, we headed to DQ to take advantage of their deal on Blizzards.  While eating our ice cream we did a little math to determine how many robots we could make from our metal.

“We could make a very small robot”…..pause…..”Oh, wait….you’re measuring in feet??  I thought you were measuring in inches!!“–(Mike, Queen’s mentor)

Lesson of the day:  Write down measurements with the units too!

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