K-Botics Science Fair Demo

This weekend we took our robot to the science fair.

We had a booth right beside the WAFFLES and their fantastic lego robot.

The kids, their parents, and the science fair judges were all very interested in our program.  Some played soccer with our robot…

…some drove our robot…

…and others wanted to know about us and about FIRST.  Some industry people showed interest in sponsoring us in the future!

We enjoyed looking at the different projects on display at the science fair, and some of us chose our favourites to share with you.

Wesley’s Pick: This project is about windmills.  They told me lots of good information.  They got to go up in a wind turbine, and they were wearing harnesses.

Joseph’s Pick: I learned about plate tectonics, and about earthquake experiments.  I learned about different kinds of earthquakes and what cities had big earthquakes.

RJ’s Pick: I learned that the most effective way to eliminate weeds is by using vinegar and salt.  This project is interesting because it shows alternatives to using chemical pesticides.

Cassie’s Pick: This project is based on gymnastics, something that the student likes.  She did thorough research, and understands the physics concepts well.  She explained all about Newton’s 3 laws using gymnastics!  Her presentation is very well done.

Tim’s Pick: it’s always cool to see something that could be put into a magic trick. The magnet falls through the copper tube, which (because it’s conductive) creates a current causing a magnetic field to oppose its motion. It’s neat because the copper itself isn’t magnetic, though (if you were to put the magnet on the side it falls off).

John’s Pick: I liked this one because I’ve heard of the diea of potato clocks, but apparently apples give off more voltage than potatoes. does this mean they’re better? I guess they’d rot sooner… but they don’t have eyes staring at you.

Elizabeth’s Pick: the experiment put an egg shell into various drinks for 5 days and looked at the changes. OJ actually broke the shell, coffee stained it, red wine corroded it and water just left it as is. It was cool.

We had lots of fun at the science fair.  We hope to be there again next year!

mentors and WAFFLES having fun

Thank you very much to the science fair organizers for letting us set up our demo.

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