Saturday at GTR

After our marathon strategy meeting on Friday night, we were eager to see how the competition would shake down on Saturday morning.  Our scouting team was there early, lining up with team 1114 and 188 to run and save seats for our entire team, and family and friends that would join us for the day.

Although we played really hard, and cheered really hard, we lost our three remaining seeding matches 15-0, 10-8, and 6-4.

Several of the early matches in the day were very high scoring, which changed a lot of ranking scores for other robots too.  By the time the alliance selection began we were in 17th position.

Alliance Selection

We were selected 7th in the first round by team 1241 (Theory 6) from Mississauga, and were partnered with 2634 (The Gryphons) from Toronto.

Between matches we were excited to hear from Roberta Bondar, a special guest and friend of the Knights of Alloy (team 1535).  She spoke about the importance of having big dreams and being life long learners.  She told us that when she was a kid, she made model rockets, and later became an astronaut. She is excited to see what the future will hold for everyone competing in FIRST.

Roberta Bondar

After lunch we faced off against the 2nd place alliance, and won our first game 3-0 but lost the second game 11-5.  After that game there was a substitution:  team 772 Sabre Bytes from LaSalle Ontario replaced the Gryphons, and we lost that game 11-1.


We're getting pretty good!

Throughout the day we kept waiting to hear our favourite dance music.  We jumped up and danced to whatever we knew.  Watch for us next year!  We’ll learn a few more dance moves before then.

We are thankful to all the friends and family that came to watch us this weekend.  It was great to have a big crowd cheering us on.  We had fans of all ages–grandparents to very small children!

Our Youngest Fan

The competition ended with a super power alliance of team 1114, team 2056 and team 1547 moving on to the championships.  Their triple hang was impressive!

Congratulations also to team 188 for winning the Regional Chairmans Award, and to 1334 for winning the Engineering Inspiration Award.  We are inspired by all that your teams have accomplished over the years.

many hands make light work

After the awards were handed out, we helped dismantle the field, and we took home some of the carpet for future practice and demo purposes.  We hope to show off our robot at schools and events in our area.

We’re counting down the days until we are here again next year!

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