An Interesting Bus Ride

Coming back from GTR, we were all hyper and tired.  We loaded up the bus, leaving room for our newly acquired carpet, picked up our bags from the hotel storage room and headed back to Kingston.

keychains (made by Haotian)

We continued our “bagel awards” ceremony tradition, but this time we used our K-Botics keychains that we had made and given out to other teams.  Some students had never travelled with us before, so they were surprised by this tradition.  It’s a way to recognize the positive contribution of each member with a token of some sort–the original tokens were bagels on strings to hang around their neck (and eat on the way home).  That’s why we call it the bagel awards.

After it got dark, we had an attempted bus rave too, but ran into some technical difficulties, and learned a few things.

  • Not all busses have a connection for laptop/ipod music to play through the speakers
  • Laptop speakers are not loud enough for a rave
  • It is very difficult to synchronize several ipods/laptops to play the same song at the same time.
  • Sing-along raves are interesting–particularly when camp songs are involved
  • Raves set to bus-driver-provided country music CDs are a scary idea
  • Glowsticks are fun even if there is no music
  • Taking pictures of a bus rave is fun, but even funnier when done with the flash on!

Calvin's Rave Face

  • It’s a challenge to organize a bus rave without Remi, our director of entertainment.

After a great deal of effort, a system to play our music was set up–thanks Martin and John for your help!

“The music you are listening to sounds just like blue-grass but at a higher pitch, and a faster tempo” –Bus Driver (referring to our dance music)

Everything was unloaded quickly, and everyone went home to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Our season does not end here–we will not meet every day, but we will still be active in our school community showing off what our robot can do, and inspiring others to join us next year.

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2 Responses to An Interesting Bus Ride

  1. Kevin Wood says:

    Maybe we unloaded a little toooo quickly. Apparently we unloaded some of the bus supplies as well…. We’ll be getting that back to McCoy’s ASAP!

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