Top Thirteen Rules of K-Botics

This list was compiled by two rookie competitors new to K-Botics after 24 hours of competition.

  1. Respect Knitted objects and do not lose them (if you do you’ll be forced to wear hot pink)
  2. Learn quickly that your “supervisors” and “Mentors” are really children in disguise, or even not in disguise.
  3. Donuts (and caffeine) are key to survival
  4. Straws are your greatest weapon of mass destruction
  5. Remi needs supervision when socializing
  6. Never question the robot driver
  7. Mike is always right
  8. Always respect the hot swappable bumpers
  9. Always hand in your forms on time or else you’ll be on the “hit list”
  10. Never let grade nine boys guide you anywhere unless you want to get lost
  11. Smile or ELSE!!!
  12. Showering is a MUST and deodorant is NOT optional
  13. No matter what’s wrong it’s always JNo’s fault
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One Response to Top Thirteen Rules of K-Botics

  1. Remi says:

    #5 is Blasphemy

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