Friday at GTR

Today we were up early, and ended up in a familiar position, lined up behind our friends Simbotics (1114) waiting in line to get our perfect seats in the stands.

We got right to work in the pit…

…and tested our robot while we waited for the judges to come by…

Our first few games were a bit rough, but in game 3 things picked up for us when we scored 8 balls! In all we lost 3 and won 4 but with ranking points we ended the day in 7th position.

That means we need to make our picking list for tomorrow’s eliminations.

Thanks to our great scouts who did a fantastic job, working through lunch to keep things organized. We are testing out Alex’s Arcane Formula to calculate goodness, and it appears to be very accurate!

Overheard in our meeting:

“We’d like a robot that jumps the bumps”-Tweedle Dum (Jr. Mentor)

The Chairman’s award presentation happened this morning, and from all accounts it went very well, good job RJ, Kaley and John! We are one of 5 teams that made a presentation and we will find out the results tomorrow. We are always excited to tell people about our team, and the fun that we have. Thanks to Where’s Waldo for listening and helping with some of our final Chairman’s practice presentations.

Awesome hats for Chairman's presentation are a must!

Speaking of fun…our dancing lessons sure paid off! We were all in sync for the Cupid Shuffle thanks to our fearless leader Remi. We look forward to many more dance moves tomorrow. Our blue bear was also in action meeting different teams and dancing up a storm.

Tomorrow is another early day. Come visit us in the stands if you are in the area. The webcast will be up and running tomorrow as well. Tune in!

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One Response to Friday at GTR

  1. Ninya says:

    Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun 🙂 Good luck tomorrow!

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