GTR Practice Day

Today we had an early start–5:30AM departure from KCVI and a long bus ride to Mississauga.  We arrived a bit later than expected, but the pit crew got to work, setting up and adding all the top secret additions to our robot.  Our side rollers have been installed and are working well to get us the balls that are against the boards.  Our front kicker has been made wider which will help us score more.

Our programming has changed now too!  In autonomous mode we now can kick the ball and get rebounds too.  Although these changes took all day, it was worth the wait.  We are looking forward to an excellent showing in tomorrows matches.

Also happening tomorrow is our Chairmans Report presentation.  We are one of 5 teams in the running for the most prestigious award in FIRST.  We are going to explain what kind of impact we have on our team members, our school and our community, and what we are doing to inspire other young people to do science and technology.

Pit scouts have been busy meeting all the teams, and learning about the inner workings of the other robots.  We are making lists of robots that can kick well, those that can hang and  those that can move around really well.  We have practiced match scouting, and will be testing out Alex’s mathematical goodness equation tomorrow.

We gave Karthik a robot hat…because everyone needs a robot hat!

After the matches were over, some of the pit crew/drive team stayed to work on our robot, and the rest of us walked 45 minutes to our hotel.  We turned this into an adventure, taking several team pictures along the way.

We walked by the highway….

…we found a picnic table…

We even found fake dogs and gave them K-Botics dog tags!

Later we ate a delicious dinner at Swiss Chalet, and celebrated RJ’s belated birthday…

…and took a group picture

Its an early morning tomorrow–6AM wake up.

Match schedule will be posted tomorrow–stay tuned.

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