And Now We Can Dance!

Today was K-Botics FIRST dance lesson!  After our experience in Pittsburgh, we realized that many people did not know the various group dances that are so common at FIRST competitions.


We are thankful that our mentors know the dances really well, and they were excited to teach us the moves after school today.

Our music and laughter drew a bit of a crowd; we had visits from other students, and teachers and even the head boy, and the school principal and vice principal made an appearance and joined in to learn a few dances.

Dance lessons are a wonderful team bonding activity, and a great way to take a moment away from the stress of robot building and programming.  We’ve now been warned by the mentors that from time to time over the next few days they will put on some music to test that we are remembering the steps that go to all of the songs.

“I have a brown belt in karate, I should be able to dance.  It’s basically all patterned moves.” -Alex (grade 12)

Watch for us all bustin’ a move in Toronto on April 1-3 2010.  Better yet, come join us and we’ll teach you too!

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One Response to And Now We Can Dance!

  1. Momo says:

    love the videos. see you in a week!!

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