How To Calculate Goodness

The following is in the words of our chief scout (Alex) who has perhaps spent one too many hours sitting in front of his database as he is now trying to calculate the numerical “goodness” of any particular robot.  He has agreed to share his brilliance with the rest of the robotic world, who may also be on a similar quest to quantify goodness.

“I have created a means of calculating the goodness of robots (actually produces useful results). The crucial formula, known as Alex’s Arcane Formula due to its seemingly arbitrary nature, is as follows:

(Average Score X 6)+(Max Score)+(Min Score)+(Average Zoned X 4)+(Max Zoned)+(Min Zoned)-((((yellow cards)+(Red Cards X 2)) X 10) +(Dead^2)+(Tips – Recoveries X 3)) X 3)

Scored-work it out
Zoned-Ball that crossed area divider but didn’t score
Cards-again work it out
Dead-didn’t do any thing
Tips-it fell over
Recoveries-it got back up

The variable names are fairly self-explanatory and weighting was decided on a unanimous vote of 1 (me), showcasing my preference and disdain for elements of competing robots performance (and my arrogance). We hope to implement this formula to deadly effectiveness in future competitions, crushing the hopes of our opponents beneath the heel of our terrible algebra [insert manic laughter here]!

In practice it has been implemented in our (mine! my precious...) scouting database and provides a quick method of giving an overview of what other robots we should be thinking about. It does however have one outstanding issues; it is biased towards forward bots then mid-field and against defence bots. None the less it could be helpful. Think I have removed all of the bugs (e.g. rewarding robots that are dead) and it worked when tested on our data from Pittsburgh.”
-Alex (The Mad Scout)

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