Kind Words From Our Friends At Team 1114

“Team 2809 – Don’t let the 7th seed fool you, 2809 was easily one of the best robots at the competition. We agonized over the decision between picking 63 and 2809 until the very last second. They put together some brilliant strategies on Saturday and moved up from 22nd spot to 7th. If it wasn’t for a bad cable in their second last match, they could have been even higher. In the semis they gave a definite run for our money. They are an up and coming young team to be reckoned with both this year and in years to come. Thanks for all your support throughout the weekend and also for providing us with a new locale after our first meeting got shutdown on Thursday night.”–Karthik Kanagasabapathy (Mentor on Team 1114)

We are honoured to read what Karthik wrote about our team and our performance at the Pittsburgh regional.  Thanks to Simbotics for the encouragement, and congratulations on your very impressive robot.  See you at GTR.

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