Friday at Pittsburgh

After an early wake up…6AM on the first official day of March Break…a hearty breakfast of bagels…and a long walk up hill, we headed into the arena to line up for the competition.  It is usually a big rush to get into the pits and get the prime scouting locations.

You have to be REALLY early to beat 1114 to the stands!

Our pit crew and drive team got right to work fixing the robot, and getting it ready for competition.  We had practice matches starting at 8AM in the morning, and the official matches began at 11:30AM.

Matches were very interesting.  Some teams were dominant, and others were no-shows for early matches.  By the end of the day, all robots were playing on the field and several even successfully suspended themselves at the end of the match.  We won 3, lost 1 and tied 2 games.  Our average score was 3 balls per match!  We’re very pleased with our progress.  Good job team!

Our scouts worked very hard making sure we would have accurate statistics for our decision making meeting later at night.

We got down to the front row, wearing our crazy hats and holding our signs, and cheered really loud.

Between matches, to our great delight, there were Segway demonstrations and most of the team took a turn.

Some of our group still had lots of energy and went to the social that was hosted by team 433 where they danced up a storm, enjoyed pizza and made lots of new friends.

After dinner, we all gathered to discuss the scouting from the day.  We made a list of who we’d love to be in an alliance with.  We’ll have to wait and see how things go tomorrow.

Right now we are all pretty tired.

“If I could stop time, I’d do it just so I could take a nap” -Petey (Queen’s Mentor)

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2 Responses to Friday at Pittsburgh

  1. Momo says:

    I look forward to the next post with updates on how you did… BUT CONGRATS, GUYS!! Looks fantastic, and I hear you guys played amazingly. Can’t wait to see the competition at GTR!

  2. bearse says:

    Thanks for cheering us on Momo!! We thought of you as we drove through Hamilton with our glowsticks.

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