Pittsburgh Here We Come!

Four thirty in the morning came very early today.  We loaded up the bus under cover of darkness.

Some of us hadn’t slept much before this journey…

…but we were SO EXCITED to finally get on the road and see our robot compete!

We crossed over an international border…without too much delay, and we drove on…..and on….and on….

Some of us were able to sleep…

While others got really REALLY excited about robot hats!

Each hat is unique, and some are getting a little crazy!

After hours and hours of interesting bus conversations, lots of video games, and strategy sessions, we arrived in Pittsburgh just before 3:00PM.  We unloaded our robot at the arena, and set to work.

While the field was being set up we got our pit in working order, and started to meet other teams and check out their robots while ours had some last minute refinements.  The good news is that we have passed inspection!  Our robot will be competing tomorrow.  The matches start at 8:00 AM, but we’ll be there well before that–we have to line up for prime scouting locations, and we want to get as much work done in the pit as we can before we play.  We practiced scouting some of the trial runs today.  Did you know that there’s an App for FIRST robotics scouting?  Pretty neat stuff!!

After our long day we headed back to grab some dinner.  We are showing our team spirit well–Follow that bear!!

One of the fantastic things about team 2809 is that we do things as a team.  We eat as a team….

Only a robotics team would have a calculator at the table to figure out how to split the bill

…we ride elevators as a team…and make friends with some other teams while we are at it!  There are 3 Canadian teams in our hotel.

We also all squish into one hotel room to have team meetings to review the successes and challenges of the past day, and make plans for the next day.

Tomorrow is an EARLY morning.  Hopefully we will all sleep well, and work well together tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Pittsburgh Here We Come!

  1. Mike.online says:

    Okay, its official, I’m seriosuly jealous! Kick-butt out there guys !
    There will be loud cheers coming for you from Ethiopia,
    – Mike

  2. bearse says:

    Thanks for cheering us on! It was a great time. More fun to come at GTR on Easter weekend.

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