Down To The Wire

We have been working right up to the wire!  Robot modifications continued for three more hours today.  We discovered something very interesting….

“Our kicker is powerful”–Henry (Grade 12)

Look at that destruction….  Looks like we’ll have to re-think some things on the bus ride to Pittsburgh.

“That seemed like such a great idea….until we built it!” –Duncan (Queen’s Mentor) [referring to the bent reinforcing material….not the kicker itself]

We have been testing, and while doing so, we’ve been packing our boxes of gear–tools, tools, tools, scouting supplies, cheering supplies, a mascot in a bag, promotional material and goodies, our pit backboard, signs, a table….and probably other things that will be remembered in the wee hours of the night between now and our departure at way-too-early o’clock.

a little time to stand still!

Now that the robot is back in the bag, and the boxes are packed, hats are being knit, and getting crazier by the day.  There’s going to be lots of tentacle making on the bus!

there's a huge smile inside that hat!

Did you know that a FIRST team in Long Island is going to make hats from our pattern??

“Thanx so much! The hat is great! I am the coach/mentor of a Jr. First Team on Long Island. (7-9 year olds) they just won the Gracious Professionalism Award. ( we have a long way to go til high school) Next year we will be a middle school team and I know these hats are going to be worn by all of our team-especially if I start knitting now. Thanx again, brilliant idea!” –Suza

We got more compliments on our hats from other fans of FIRST on Ravelry (an online knitting community)….FIRST fans are EVERYWHERE!! 

“Dewd, you are the first person in Ravelry I’ve run across who knows about FIRST. All 3 of my kids have participated, and the youngest is now mentoring his old team, 537. Best of luck in your competitions! Oh, and the hats will be awesome!”–necielynn

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