Packing for Pittsburgh

Our robot is out of the bag for 3 hours as we prepare it for competition.

Many hands make for light work as we all pitch in to make last minute repairs.

Our pit looks so empty now, but it will soon be full when we get to Pittsburgh on Thursday.

We are packing our tools and equipment, and our mascot!

We have spent time preparing our scouting binders and we even met to watch some matches streamed online to try out our scouting skills.

K-Botics Guide to Match Scouting

  1. Watch matches online to see what the robots look like, and how the game is played
  2. Develop a scouting sheet to track what the robot does in autonomous mode, and what the drivers can do.  Check boxes are easier to use, and require less interpretation than point form notes.
  3. Have at least 6 clipboards and plenty of pens, as one person will be scouting each robot during the match.
  4. At the end of the match, when sheets are complete, they are collated into a binder by team number.
  5. Later one “lucky” team member will enter the data onto a spreadsheet for later analysis.

K-Botics Guide to Pit Scouting

  1. Develop a sheet to write down the technical aspects of the robot including drive system, and ball control, kicker and strategy.
  2. Bring a digital camera.
  3. In pairs go talk to the other teams, and ask questions about their robot and strategy.
  4. Take a picture of the robot that includes the team number.
  5. Be friendly!  You are finding out all about the other team, but you are also representing your own.

Our team spirit is growing….some people have purple hair…and some are getting really excited about their robotic hats in progress.

Tomorrow we will practice driving around the library….after hours of course.

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