T Minus 2 Hours

Today staying awake and focusing has been a challenge for those of us who were here most of the night.

We did have a very productive evening though, once fortified by dinner

We tested and refined a great deal of code to get the robot to successfully shoot, score, use the camera, control the ball, and use the mechanical arm. We were doing so well, we thought we’d take the robot to the library to try it out on carpet.

We set up a testing run in the mezzanine…

….and successfully kicked the ball over a bump…

…and went under the tunnel, and scored many goals.

It’s great to get a chance to drive the robot around on the carpet.  We can practice our skills, learn how sensitive the joystick is, and revise our game strategy.  Our battery changes and other repairs are getting quicker too.

We also worked on suspending our robot, which is starting to look promising….

It’s getting to be a regular occurrence for us to be using the library, or the halls late into the night.  We’d like to thank the custodians here at the school for being so patient, and understanding of our tight timelines.  Some of them have even been in to see our robot in action!

“You know what, I’m impressed!  We are so much farther ahead than we were last year.” -Mr. Wood (Mentor)

In Olympics news, we’re excited that Canada won a medal in ski-cross and that we won the hockey game, and are doing well in bobsled.  We have multiple streaming broadcasts going on tonight!  We are into our final two hours now….

“Bobsled?  I’d rather go down there on a crazy carpet!” -RJ (Grade 10)

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One Response to T Minus 2 Hours

  1. Joshua says:

    I can’t believe I wasn’t there… Makes me mad

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