Welcome to 1:30 AM.  Location: home base KCVI.

Is there a snow day tomorrow…check here to find out.

We have a list of random insights and questions

  1. We have a flashlight to navigate to the bathroom in the dark.  It is very dark here at 1:30AM.  Apparently it is very scary here in the dark.  Ask Jialu and Henry.
  2. Programming is in full force between quick StarCraft tournaments team building activities.
  3. Canada won a gold medal in ice dancing….which isn’t all that spectacular when watched with no sound.
  4. We have consumed 2 cases of coke, chips, apples, Indian food, and brownies (breakfast of champions!)
  5. “Do other students spend the night in the school often?” -Christine (Mentor)

From time to time we realize how ridiculous we are getting….but know that this sense is shared with many teams out there who are working late into the night morning finishing up their robots.


“Wait, are we not working on the robot?” -Haotian (Queen’s Mentor)

“Stop spamming me!” -Mr. Wood (Mentor)

“Don’t judge me while I’m sleeping!”-J.No (Queen’s Mentor)

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2 Responses to ……IIIT’S TUESDAY!

  1. Josh says:

    wish i could be there

  2. Momo says:

    awesome quotes. read the other post… robot looks awesome! great work, guys (and gals)!

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