Last Weekend Of Build Season–Alive and Kicking!

The pressure is on…and everyone was pitching in to help get the last details figured out.

Bumpers now have numbers (yes…we were finger painting)

And there was a velcro stitching party…

Father and son teamwork helped to get the last parts into shape…

…and the long awaited arm was attached and tested.

The final wiring was done on the electrical box….

And after a bit of tweaking our robot successfully kicked the ball!

Some of our team spent time watching a scrimmage that was streamed live online.  It was interesting to see the other robots that have been built, and to look at their strategy.  So we weren’t completely out of the loop, we had the Olympics broadcast on too.

Watching a scrimmage and the Olympics streamed online

It’s hard to believe how fast 6 weeks flies by when you’re building a robot!  The programming and testing are still being refined, and will be working hard until we need to bag up our robot later this week.

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