All Ready For Testing!

This long weekend was a productive time for all aspects of the team.  Our robot is almost fully assembled, and wired.

“The drive system is GOOD TO GO, but there are lots of other variables to consider.  It’s all ready for testing”–Petey (Queen’s Mentor)

The wheels are getting tread, and soon will be driving around, testing the programming code.

“We want to turn on the robot!!”–Mike (Queen’s Mentor)

Red and blue cloth has been sewn to cover our bumpers.  Bumper construction takes a great deal of  cooperation, and some skill with fabric origami.  With the help of a staple gun and a hammer, our bumpers are now very securely fastened together, and will soon have our number painted on them.

“Hammers are AMAZING!” -Joy (Grade 9)

Our chairman’s report is in final revisions, and our presenters are meeting to discuss our presentation strategy.

We are very lucky to have a mentor (k-botics alumna) visiting from a far away school.  She’s spending some of her reading week with us, and helping with various aspects of the robot construction.

“I am excited to see how far along the robot is.  It’s great to see so many people coming out to help!” –Mo (mentor from far away school)

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