The Evolution of an Electrical Box

The electrical box started out like this–a large sheet of metal.  Dimensions were determined by the geometry of our robot, and by what pieces needed to fit inside it.  The purpose of this box is to keep our electronics in one location, and to protect them from dust and aluminum shavings.

The metal pieces were cut out, bent, and hinged together to build a functional box

The components were all laid out, the metal was lined with plastic adhesive to insulate it, and holes were drilled for zip-ties and wires to pass through.

The components were then secured in place.

“The best aspect of our electrical box is that it looks Steam Punk*”–Alex (Grade 12)

*steam punk is like science fiction set in the past, characterized by lots of rivets and steam power.

K-botics spirit strikes again--check out those bear paws!

Next comes the labeling and the wiring of each component.

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