Dish Soap and Rubber Bands

Today we put together our pneumatic system.

Team work in action

It takes a lot of muscle power to tighten the connectors and seal the cylinders.  A brilliant discovery was made–rubber bands wrapped around the cylinder helps greatly in the tightening process.

Rubber Bands for Added Grip

Once everything was connected, we tested all the joins to see if they were air tight.  This is where the dish soap comes in.  By applying a little soapy water to the joins, it is easy to determine if there are any leaks in the system.  The compressed air will make bubbles as it escapes.

“Next comes the hiss of dispair, when we have to take it apart and start again”–Henry (grade 12)

After several tries, the pressure held in the system, losing only half a pound of pressure over 10 minutes.  Success!!

Pneumatics ready to go

The pneumatics were quickly installed into the ever-developing chassis, and secured in place.

Pneumatics in position

It will be an exciting moment to see it in operation.

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