It’s Week Four Already?

Things are starting to take shape.  Holes are being drilled, motors are being mounted, and lots of pieces are being filed to fit better.  We’re hoping that pretty soon we’ll have a working robot.

team work in action

Splitting up the work helps us get everything done.

“We make a good team!  He likes to file the pieces, and I like to put them together”–Josh (Grade 9)

The electrical components will all go in a metal box so it can be easily removed for maintenance and programming, and so we don’t get aluminum shavings all over the electrical pieces.  This is something we learned from experience last year!

Our chairman’s report is at the final draft stage.  Thanks to everyone who was helping to edit, even from afar.  Through a grueling team editing session, we cut our words down from 13000 to 10000 characters!

yummy snacks for hungry editors

Through all of the busy days of build season, we are very glad to have our mentors to help us out.

looks a bit like a superhero don't you think?

Thank a mentor today!

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