What’s A Cheese Hole?

It’s the word of the day!

How many people does it take to cheese hole a chassis?

Cheese holing is where you put holes in the chassis to remove some of the weight because our robot has to be under a certain limit (120 lbs not including batteries and bumpers)

KCVI’s mascot is the blue bear, so we put bear paws for the cheese holing.

“I drilled one of the holes on the robot.  It was exciting and kind of scary at the same time”-Kalindi (grade 11)

Cheese holes are hard to drill because it hurts your hands.  You need to push really hard with a big drill to get holes made in the metal.  We needed to take turns and let people rest their hands after a few minutes.

“I was cheese holing for five minutes, and my hand started hurting, but I’ll come back and keep working.  I’m having lots of fun!” –Justin (Grade 9)

Unfortunately our big drill bit got aluminum all over it, and we partially clogged our vacuum.  Both problems were easily fixed.

We melted off some of the aluminum using a bunsen burner, and it worked fine after that.

Today we finished making our wheels.

It was a tedious task to make all of these wheels.  We shared the job around so everyone could have a chance.

“There are 12 wheels!  Making the first one was fun.”-Jim (Grade 11)

Our programming team had a big meeting to discuss sensors locations, and autonomous mode strategy.

Our Chairman’s Report is coming along well…

We’re hoping to have a big “Editing Party” on February 2nd.  Please come and bring your friends!!

We had several new members join our team in the past week.  Everyone has already picked up new skills in drilling and riveting and writing thank you letters.

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2 Responses to What’s A Cheese Hole?

  1. mikedotonline says:

    Awesome work in the blogging. Keep it up!!! I can’t tell you how many hours I spent making Swiss cheese out of robots… but it was more than enough!

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