We Have A Chassis

Today K-botics visited the Queen’s University Machine shop at McLaughlin Hall to finish machining on our first drive system.  Our hard working mentors were in the shop bright and early this morning to finish the machining of the main drive system chassis tubes.  Thanks to Corey for helping us with our milling work, and to Andy for making sure we could get our welding done on time.

We would like to thank Derek, the professional welder at McLaughlin Hall, who worked with us for 4 hours setting up our chassis, meticulously ensuring everything was square, and tack welding everything in place before welding it all together. We look forward to working with him again next week when we weld our practice chassis together.

Things are really rolling along….back at home base we started putting together our wheels that we got from IFI RoboticsThis is such an exciting part of the build season.  After many hours of brainstorming, designing, CAD, and machining, the robot will soon start to take shape.  We spent several hours at Transformix again this evening working under the watchful eye of their talented machinists.

You might be wondering how we can possibly keep track of the numerous pieces that we are machining.  We made 96 identical small parts tonight for example (and that is just one part number!)

The K-Botics Guide To Organizing Machined Parts

After each part is machined it is:

  • lightened:  extra holes are drilled in long or thick pieces to make it lighter
  • deburred: all of the sharp metal edges and shavings are removed
  • stamped with a part number:  each individual piece is stamped.
  • weighed: the weight is recorded in pounds.  Keep units consistent!  The weight is then written on the CAD drawing for that part.
  • recorded:  we are keeping a master spreadsheet that includes the part number, weight, quantity produced
  • packaged: identical parts are bagged together with the corresponding CAD drawing and then heat sealed.
  • sorted:  we have a box for each major component (arm, winch, “kicker” and chassis)

Along with our parts that we are machining, we have now received most of our parts that we ordered from AndyMark.

Friday and Saturday will be big assembly days for our team!

“Our goal is to have a driving and shooting robot sometime next week!!” –J.No (3rd year Queen’s University Mentor)

Stay tuned to see the robot take shape over the next few days!

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