Thank You!

It is so important to let people know how much they are appreciated.  We have been working on showing our gratitude lately through thank you notes to people who help us out along the way.

You never know when a thank you can make some ones day, or make a difference in their life, so we’d like to thank some special people to show our deep appreciation of what each of them has given to us.

At Transformix, we’d like to thank Paul, Bruce and Todd, for all their time and effort they’ve put into our team and John and Billy, for helping us with specific machines they know well.  Finally, thank you, Justin, for helping us mill some crucial pieces and for being an enthusiastic assistant.

Thanks to Ryan for helping us acquire new scratch-free safety glasses, and thanks to Lucas for helping us with marketing advice.

Back here at home base, we’d like to thank Mr. P for helping us in our school wood shop.  We’d also like to thank the Limestone District School Board for their continued support, and Mrs. Hunter for coming to visit us this week.

Sometimes, even when you feel truly thankful, it is difficult to put these words onto a card.  Don’t let that stop you!

K-Botics Guide To Thank-You Cards

  • Get thank you cards–This year we had a competition to create several thank you card designs that are specific to our team.  This is a good pre-season activity to generate creativity.
  • Keep a list of people to thank–we keep contact information in our log book, but often write these names on our whiteboard.  Everyone should try to add people to this list, so no thank-you’s get missed.
  • Have a group thank-you writing session.  It seems easier sometimes to think up the right words when working in pairs, or more.  Hand written cards are more personal than typed cards, but be sure that the handwriting is legible!
  • Prompt delivery is best.  Thank people quickly after they do something kind for you or the team.
  • Thank people often! You can never say “thank you” too many times.  Get in the habit of spreading gratitude to your supporters whenever you can.  You never know what an impact those two little words can have in someone’s day.

Don’t Know What To Write?

  • Start by saying how much their gift means to you, and what an impact it has made on the team.
  • Acknowledge what gifts were given: things, time, mentorship, skills training, money, food etc.
  • Say thank you to them for their support
  • Add an anecdote if applicable
  • Sign your name, and write your team name and number

Have you thanked someone today?

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3 Responses to Thank You!

  1. Momo says:

    Glad to see you guys are staying on top of thank-you’s! Great post!

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