The Goal Is Accomplished

Today started with a bit of a mix up.

Plywood Panel

At the beginning of the day we had a “goal roof” assembled which you would think is in fact the top of the goal, however it is not. While looking over the drawings for a fifth time, we discovered plans for a mysterious piece called the “plywood panel” a component not referred to anywhere else.   This panel appeared to fit much better than the goal roof ever would.  So, we got the unexpected pleasure of using power tools today.  We modified the goal roof to fit the dimensions of the plywood panel which thankfully was smaller.

Assembling a plywood panel sounds simple, unfortunately it is not.  It involves much measuring, drilling of new holes… …and cutting it down to size….safely.

This is the assembled goal ready for target practice. Soon it will be our robot kicking the ball.

In the mean time …we are having fun.

best action shot of the day!!

Our team is still growing, there are lots of jobs for anyone to do.  You can learn new skills, have lots of fun, use awesome power tools, and wear the most fashionable safety equipment.  Come to room 107 any day after school and introduce yourself to us.

cool kids join K-Botics!

Did your team run into any goal roof issues?

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