Week Two In Review…

This week we had a brainstorming and writing session for our very first Chairman’s Report submission.  We find it best to write as a group so everyone’s opinions are included.

“Five brains are better than one!!” –Opti (Jr. Mentor–First Year Queen’s Student)

In preparation for our report submission, we’ve also organized all our press coverage into a big binder.  This includes our recent article in the Whig Standard.  We hope to have more articles in the near future.

We learned how to use CAD to draw the parts of our robot.  These drawing have now been printed off and are in a very big binder. To make it more fun, some of the students made CAD into a game.

“For every completed drawing you earn one point, but for every mistake on that drawing you lose 0.25 of a point.  If someone has to completely re-do the drawing you get -1 point”–R.J. (Grade 10)

The winner was Brennan with 7 points.  Tim, who didn’t do any drawings, somehow ended up with 10 points.  There might be a flaw in the system somewhere.

Mentors and Students using CAD

Some of our group went to Transformix Engineering to begin the machining of our robot.

We are very lucky to have support from such a generous organization.  We have fantastic mentors from Transformix, and have made great connections with the technicians on the floor.

safety first!!

“It’s nice to see engineers reaching out to the community to spread understanding of science and technology” –Drew (Queen’s Mentor-3rd year Engineering Student)

Every day we are learning new skills, and working with new tools.  We are lucky to have such dedicated Queen’s students helping us out.

Our prototypes are coming along well.  We have successfully kicked the ball a few meters!  We can control the ball while the robot moves forwards and backwards!   These principles have been well tested.

In fact, several prototypes have been tested to destruction!

We have also learned how important it is to keep a clean workspace.  We are building in the back of a computer lab that operates as a classroom during the day.  Each night we have to clean up our mess before we go home.

If we don’t clean up we need to wear the APRON OF DOOM!!!

Doesn't he look excited??

We look forward to next week when we will start to assemble our robot.

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