Congratulations Class of 2014

We’re so proud of our graduating K-Bots!

You’ve worked hard…

You’ve learned so many new skills over the years….

Overcome many challenges….

And are now stepping out of the safety of high school

And into the unknown adventures that will unfold before you.

Remember, though, that you are not alone in your journey! You are still part of the big purple family, and we hope to hear from all of you over the year.

So, enjoy your moment! We’re excited to celebrate this milestone with you.


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Demo at Winston Churchill PS

Today we brought our robot to see the students at Winston Churchill Public School.

We spoke about FIRST robotics and about our team. We talked about how we designed and built our robot, and explained how we competed and worked with other teams.

We look forward to meeting some of the grade 8s when they come to KC next year, and we also are keen to help support a FLL team at Winston next year.

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Demo at St. Lawrence Place

We enjoy showing our robot to people of all ages. The demo today was at St. Lawrence Place, a retirement home downtown. We brought the robot in just after tea time.

The ceilings were not quite high enough to do our full shot, but we could do some low shots and drive and work the intake.

It was interesting to speak with the residents about what a robot is, and what technology we used. One woman was wondering what ”robotics” was when she saw it on the events calendar. She thought it might be some kind of exercise! She was surprised to see our robot there and watch what it could do.

Several residents tried their hands at the controls. We were glad that we’d dialed the speed back significantly, as this was the first time that many had ever used a video game controller before! Some giggled a lot when they made the robot drive around.


There were many interesting questions asked about our team, and about how we made our robot. They wanted to know its name, and they asked us a lot about our number and our hats.

There were several residents who commented on what amazing technology they’ve seen in their lifetime, and they were glad that the young people like us come to show them what’s happening these days.

We hope to be back again next year with another robot to show.

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Demo at Transformix: Meeting the Premier

Today we met the Premier of Ontario and showed her our robot.


She asked us lots of questions about our team and robot.

There are lots of media travelling with the Premier, so look out for FIRST robotics on the news.


Thank you Transformix for inviting us to participate in this demo opportunity along with the other Kingston teams.


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Demo at Centennial PS

We had a great visit to Centennial public School this afternoon. We did a demo for the school, and showed them all about how our robot works.

We are pleased to have a connection with Centennial, as we’ve helped mentor their FLL team, and we hope to work with them again next year.

Thanks to everyone who came to the demo today, and thanks to Centennial for inviting us.

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Demo Season is Here

Today we showed our robots to all of the grade 7 students at Module Vanier.

Students enjoyed driving and shooting and throwing the ball.

We are excited to work so closely with Vanier students. We help mentor their LEGO robotics team, and look forward to welcoming them to join our team when they get to high school.


Thanks Vanier for taking time to visit our team!

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Science Rendezvous 2014

Science Rendezvous is one of the biggest science demos in town. We’re excited to be participating yet again this year.

We joined with the CyberFalcons and WAFFLES to show our robots to over 3500 people.



Many kids enjoyed tossing the ball to the robots and watching them drive around and score.

It’s great to be able to share our love of science and technology with so many people!

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