Rochester Day 3

We brought winter here from Canada.  It was snowy when we left this morning.  We did some robot repairs, 

played our final qualification matches

And danced a lot

We were visited my many people in the pit.  Our hats and pins were a really big hit with these youngsters

Many thanks to our knitters of Battersea who have kept us stocked with hat pins for the past few years.

Here’s another little one who now has a hat of her own!

We were not selected to join an alliance for the playoffs, but we’re cheering for the Canadian team, Make shift robotics from Hamilton.

We watched to see how things were going in North Bay

We were excited to watch the cyberfalcons doing so well!  Congrats to them on being finalists!

We danced during all the breaks.

And we were delighted when Make Shift won not only the regional but also Chairman’s.

We packed up our pit, and took our picture

And headed for home.

Some K-Bots got “naked” for the bus ride….a bit of a running joke

We also had a fun bus rave!

many thanks to our students, mentors, sponsors, and families for making our season possible.

We will be meeting again, but likely after a week or so, to catch up on our sleep and homework.

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Rochester, day 2

To watch our matches, click here.  The schedule is here. We are at the Finger Lakes Regional, our team is 2809.

We were up, showered, fed, and on the bus by 7am.

We were among the first  to arrive

Many people crowded in behind us as we waited for the doors to open.

There was even a unicorn and a giant head!

We got great seats for scouting

Our robot got on the field, it moved, and the claw was looking good.

our scouts are diligently recording data on each robot’s performance each matchour database  crew then enters all the data into our system

It’s tough playing matches in quick succession.  We had some repairs to make…some temporary fixes for one match

More permanent fixes are being worked on.

And we keep talking to judges, telling them about our robot, and our team.

Our chairman’s team presented this afternoon

They did a great job and represented out team very well.

After our busy day, we had a good meal

we had a pj party scouting meeting and did our spirit nails

And we got to bed before toooo late.

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Rochester Day 1

To watch the webcast click here.  We are at the Finger Lakes Regional, team 2809.

We were up bright and early, and on the road at 7:30.

We had a yummy breakfast!
we got to RIT and prepared for the doors to open
we heard many familiar cheers from Rolling Thunder.  They have a lot of energy!  I hope we all have a  g o o d m o r n i n g!
our drive team has been to the drivers meeting, and we’re getting excited to pass inspection and see our robot in action.

In the mean time, this is what we’re doing….

We repaired  MEL

Worked on attaching the claw….

And scouted 

Our data was entered into our database too.  All of us are practicing for the qualification matches tomorrow.

Even if our robot’s not yet ready to go, our human player got to practice his awesome throws.

Our Dean’s list Interviews went really well

We’re having fun, and looking forward to the arrival of the Grade 10s who have written the Literacy Test.

K-Bots….keeping things safe.

We passed inspection at the end of the day

and we are looking forward to the qualification matches tomorrow.  The schedule is posted here.

We had a great dinner at Charbroil restaurant

“This is too much food! it won’t even fit in my arm”

we made lunches when we got back

We  ran through our Chairman’s and headed to bed

P.s. Happy birthday Jacob

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Safe and Sound in Rochester

we loaded up, and hit the road with lots of enthusiasm!  Rochester here we come!but first, a stop in an American walmart to buy some last minute necessities.  We found some interesting peeps therewalmarts are pretty huge, we needed a bit of a rest!

We brought some mystery peeps back on the bus….we were curious to see if they  lived up to their packaging.after dropping off our gear, we went to Cracker Barrel for dinner.

It was pretty tasty!

We loaded in our pit structure, and have got things ready to unpack tomorrow.

we made our lunches when we got back to the hoteland worked on finishing up the last of our props for our presentation.<img src=";

    please tune in here to see the competition over the next few days.

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Introducing KASEY:VII “The Phoenix”

In preparation for competition, we’ve been working hard to get our robot ready to go, but also to get our documentation in order.  Here is our brochure outlining this year’s robot, and also our team.  Have a look!  Kasey VII

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We’re on the News!

for those of you that missed the local CKWS TV coverage of our team, here is the script, and the link so you can see it for yourself.

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What’s Broken Can Be Fixed

we’re cutting it close this year….working long hours to get ready for competition next weekend.  

Our chairman’s crew has been working hard over march break to prepare for the video and presentation.

We’re meeting lots this wekend, and planning a meeting on Monday after school for all who are going on the trip, a parent meeting at KC at 5pm to go over the itinerary and answer questions.

There is a packing list posted.  Be sure you have what you need!

The bus leaves KC at noon on Wed for most of us, and on Thurs at 3 for grade 10s.

Keep checking the facebook and reading your emails K-Bots!

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