Learning CAD and Drawing

 We are learning how to make isometric and orthographic drawings by hand.  We used dot paper to help orient our shapes on the page.  
We made top, front and side views and showed hidden lines.

  We’re focusing on making drawings on paper first, because we’ll likely sketch ideas first on paper, and we will have to interpret part drawings at we produce on CAD. 
We are using Autodesk inventor, which is free for students to download!


And we’re modelling parts. 

There is a cad tutorial in the resources section of our site, you can work on that from home.

We made part drawings the super easy way using CAD, and will be practicing adding dimensions.

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Our A-maze-ing Boebots

Today we worked with Boebots and remote controls.  Our task was to get the boebots to go through a maze. 

We learned what to do….then we got to work

Not only did we have to wire and program the boebots, but we also needed to construct the maze, to the right specifications.

As always, we were filing and smiling

We used tape to make a test zone.

 Then when the maze was built, we tried it out.

We needed to do lots of trouble shooting….

That’s to be expected though….we will troubleshoot a lot in build season too.

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Boe Bots and Tools

We met this evening to continue learning safe tool skills and to learn how to work with Boebots to learn some components of electrical circuits and programming.

We have our team roster finalized, so it’s time to start getting to know each other and develop good teamwork skills.  

We divided into two groups and played a few name games.

We also took time to get our members registered on the FIRST robotics website. 

Our skill building workshops continued…  




Next we got out the Boebot kits and programmed them to do a few things.


At the end we make sure that he room is cleaned up.  Sawdust on the floor is a safey hazard.


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Safety and Tool Intro

We’re starting to use tools soon, so we’re going over some basic First Aid techniques. 

We’re learning how to behave safely, so that we wont need to use First Aid.  Battery safety is important.  We need to carry them carefully and watch out for any bulging.

We are learning about epipens too.  We have a few members with serious allergies.

 Luckily, we have lots of qualified First Aiders on our team.


We’re learning what goes in each cabinet 

And what each of the types of drill bits these are.

 We’re drilling…

And riveting…

And measuring and sawing

Many thanks to all who planned and led the workshops today.

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Learning The Basics

We had a tour to point out our safety equipment   

It’s important to know all the safety rules before we start using tools.

We split into groups to learn about the mechanical, electrical and programming aspects of robots.  

Next our groups learned about various aspects of competition, including the pit, drive, and scouting/strategy  


We chatted a bit about our team culture and respect of property and ideas.

We also got some new toys for the upcoming season’s build.


We also have our forms available.  They are due back on the 19th.  Extra forms are on the bulletin board outside room 107.

Our next meeting is Monday October 19 from 5-7.

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Planning Meeting

Our veteran team members are hard at work planning for the next 2 weeks of K-Botics. 

We’re planning for safety, anatomy of a robot, what happens at competition, and team building.

We’ve got details about mechanical systems,

Electrical systems,

And programming.  The programmers are hard at work with Woodie as the background.

We’re looking forward to answering all questions and encouraging lots of learning next week on Tuesday from 5-7


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Welcome to all!

Today is 2809 day!  It was a great night for our new member meeting.  We had a pretty good turnout of students, mostly those new to K-Botics.


We talked about our team, and FIRST, and showed some videos of competition footage.


We played name games and Dr. tangle



We also gave a demo of some past year’s robots.  Good work K-Bots for getting these up and running!



The design/teamwork challenge of the day was an egg drop.image

we worked in several small groups to protect the egg, with the given materials.image




Here we are, waiting to see which eggs survive the drop from the 3rd floor.image


Many survived, but this one definitely did not!  Good call on the plastic bags covering the landing zone.


We eagerly unwrapped our eggs


Here are some of the ones that survived.

image image image image image

We had just enough time to clean up and take a turn driving the robots in the hallway as parents arrived to pick up their children.


It looks like our season will be great, with this many interested and enthusiastic potential new members, and such leadership demonstrated by our returning members.  Thanks everyone for the hard work.


P.S. Happy 2809 day birthday to Olivia.

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