Week 4: Friday

Our group is working on top secret robotic business, and pictures are not available to the public. We can show you that our team’s working on Chairman’s and knitting.

We’d also like to announce out Dean’s List nominees for this year!

Olivia and Mateo have been on our team for many years. They’ve grown into leaders, and have also been busy mentoring LEGO robotics teams over the past few years. Congratulations!

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Introducing All the Grade 8s to FIRST

We had grade 8 day at our school today. All the grade 8s in the area came to learn about high school, and we showed them all about our robot and introduced them to FIRST.

They are looking forward to joining us next year.

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Week 4: Wednesday

We experimented with frictional coefficients today! The lake has frozen as clear as glass, and we had fun walking on it, looking to see the bottom, and even licking the ice.

We were joined by our alumni, Anthony, who just happened to be wearing his K-Botics hat.

We’re working on driving around obstacles today.

Our field construction is well under way.



We had a great meal

And then we got our hands dirty


Our mill was in action today too


We’re still brainstorming for what to do in case of a water game….


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Returning Sponsor: ThyssenKrupp

Since our very first build season, ThyssenKrupp has donated LEXAN to our team.  They’ve allowed us to shield and protect our robot, and also make protective housings for our CNC tools.  We are so happy that they are helping us out again this year.thyssenkrupplogo

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New Sponsor: MISUMI

Thanks very much to MISUMI for helping us with our parts for this season’s robot.  They are our newest Bronze level sponsor.

misumi logo

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Week 4: Monday

We’re working on yet another test chassis…this one is the remnants of a robot from team 610, our founding mentors brought it with them and we’ve been taking it apart bit by bit over the years.

We’re greasing it up, and we changed out the wheels….we’re giving it a new lease on life.
We cut more of our field elements

Enjoyed another amazing meal


We’re doing more CAD



And having a great time! We’re looking forward to our parts coming in, so we can assemble our robot.

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Returning Sponsors: KCVI and the Limestone District School Board

K-Botics is very happy to announce that KCVI and the Limestone District School Board are our newest Silver level sponsors.  We are excited to use our new Mastercam software.


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